Kay Bee Bio-Organics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified plant-based bio-pesticides and soil conditioner manufacturer and supplier of India. LEPIDO RAZE is a next generation, Ecocert certified, National Research Institutes and Agriculture Universities tested broad spectrum botanical-based best quality herbal base bio-larvicide. LEPIDO RAZE highly effective against order Lepidoptera insect pest especially bollworm (Pectinophora  gossypiella), leaf roller (Cnaphalocrocis medinallis), stem borer (Scirpophaga  incertulas), fruit borer (Earias  vittella, Virachola isocrates and Plutella xylostella) etc. causes damage to Cotton, Grape, Pomegranate, Brinjal, Gram, Tomato, Maize, Okra, Cabbage, vegetable, fruit, flower, land scaping crops, hydroponics Plants, Indoor plants, Lawn, food and fodder crops. LEPIDO RAZE being an environmental friendly bio-pesticide is highly suitable for organic farming and recommended for chemical residue-free export production. LEPIDO RAZE is the best quality herbal base bio-insecticide with comparison to synthetic chemical and other bio-pesticide available in the present market.

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  • Profile features:
    • LEPIDO RAZE provides best control on wide range of group of Lepidopteron insect pest causes damage to important vegetable, fruit, flower, food and fodder crops.
    • LEPIDO RAZE Contact and systemic actions: Owing to its both contact and systemic mode of actions it is lethal to early stages of Lepidopteron pests.
    • LEPIDO RAZE almost kills all the Lepidopteron pests up to the first two instars. It penetrates and get absorbed in the body surface of insects thereby affecting nervous system which causes paralysis and eventual death.
    • LEPIDO RAZE ceases further development of tissues in them which prevents completion of a particular stage of growth and hence renders no transition to next stage and which in turn leads to no pupation.

    Mode of action:

    LEPIDO RAZE have multi-strategic mode of action, it act on nervous system of insect and causes to paralysis to Lepidopteron insect pests

Additional information

Packaging Size

30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr



Packaging Type

Sachets, HDPE Bottles


Shoot & Fruit Borer,Cotton Bollworm & Leaf eating caterpillars.




Vegetables, Fruits, Flower Crops ,Garden Plants

Mode of Action

Systemic,Contact & Fumigant


1 to 2 ml Per L

Application Method

Foliar Spray


100% Natural


Plant Extract



Crop name Pest name Recommended dose
Cotton Ball Worm 1 to 1.5 ml/l of water

Based on crop stage, growth and pest infestation intensity.

Cabbage Diamond Back Moth
Pomegranate Fruit Borer
Maize Stem Borer
Paddy Leaf Roller
Fruits Fruit Borer, Stem Borer,

Leaf Roller




  • Application of LEPIDO RAZE is recommended in morning and evening hours.
  • LEPIDO RAZE should be apply both preventive and curative
  • LEPIDO RAZE application can be repeated 6-7 days after first application based upon the crop stage, crop growth, weather conditions and depending upon the intensity of pest on the crop.
  • Avoid spray of LEPIDO RAZE if the rains will be expected earlier than 6 hours.



  • Available in 30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L and 5 L packs.


  • No specific antidote, treat symptomatically.


  • Online on India Mart, Amazone
  • Agriculture shops