Orga Neem 3000 PPM

Orga Neem synthesized from neem seed kernel extract has more than 100 bioactive limonoids including azadirachtin in it. Organeem an azadirachtin-based pesticide with two years of self-life has been approved and certified by Central Insecticide Board (CIB), New Delhi. Organeem is a broad-spectrum insecticide is highly effective against leaf-eating and sucking pests. Organeem being a botanical-based pesticide is residue-free and is highly suitable and recommended for crops meant for organic and export production. Organeem produces very little aflatoxin in it which is within the limits approved by EPA and FAO. Organeem disturbs the metabolism of all growth stages including adults of sucking pests causing severe energy loss in them which results in the death of the insect. It also exhibited antifeedant property which starves the insects leading to death. Organeem suppresses fecundity, causes sterilization, oviposition repellency, and changes biological fitness of the insects which results in a significantly decreased rate of growth of the insect population.


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Azadirachtin a.i.(min.) 0.3 % w/w
Neem Oil 10.00 % w/w
Emulsifier – Poly Oxyethylene Sorbitan mono laurate 10.00 % w/w
Solvant – n.butanol Q.S. % w/w
Total 100.000 % w/w


Other Details:

  • Neem Kernel Based EC Containing Azadirachtin 0.3% w/w min. (3000 ppm)

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  • Item Code: ORNA-155
  • Delivery Time: 48 to 72 Hours

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Mode of Action

Broad Spectrum, Insect Growth Regulator, Antifeedant, Synergistic

Application Method

Foliar Spray

Packaging Type

Sachets, HDPE Bottles

Packaging Size

30 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr


1-3 ml Per L


Vegetables,Fruits,Flower Crops


100% Natural