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Research & Development

Our optimism is based on our firm belief that high yields, sustainable practices and healthy lives can only be a direct result of Bio-products and Organic Fertilizers. Moving up the Biotechnology value chain for products across geographies, we are constantly investing in various growth platforms and promote a relentless culture of innovation.

We are committed to continuous enhancement of products and processes, to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness; and thereby build value for our customers.

Kay Bee Group already reaches customers in India, Europe and South East Asia. Kay Bee Bio-Organics Pvt. Ltd, is thus backed by strong chemistry, bio-science experts and a vast knowledge bank created over the years. We have harnessed our strengths- a strong R&D team, modern R&D facilities, unwavering commitment to quality, to bring you products that will transform your yields and productivity.


Facilities and Expertise

  • Phyto-chemistry Lab
  • Pilot Plant Extraction Unit
  • Extraction Unit
  • Analytical Lab
  • Formulation Lab
  • Insect rearing and Testing Lab
  • Microbiology Testing Lab
  • Soil Analysis Lab
  • Experimental Plots
  • Advanced expertise in Phyto-chemistry, Analytic Chemistry, Entomology, Microbiology, Agronomy and Soil Science

Kay Bee Bio Organics Products deliver:

Benefits crops, environments and soil

Fully tested in live environments

Proven pest eradication efficacy

Residue free products 

Fits seamlessly into traditional methods of pest management

High yield technology consolidates soil and supplies requisite nutrients

We promise to provide prosperity in three ways:

Healthier and rejuvenated soil, leading to flourishing and healthy plants, and thereby higher income for farmers.