Research and Development (R&D) is the innovation engine of Kay Bee Bioorganic and is crucial to driving growth. We want to maintain a high rate of new product delivery to the end of the decade while investing in targeted early research that will deliver breakthrough innovation post-2020. We continue to search for new and improved ways of raising the quality and yield of crops worldwide.

We have well equipped laboratory like Analytical ,pathology ,soil science , entomology laboratory etc. with sophisticated instrument and equipment’s like, High performance liquid chromatography with UV Detector, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Gas Chromatography with dual column (Capillary and Packed) and FID detector, Calorimeter, Analytical Microbalances, Digital Karl Fischer Apparatus, and Fume Hood, Laminar Air flow, Autoclave, Incubator, Flame photometer, Stability chambers, stereo microscope, etc.

Our R & D team is dedicated to work various research project which match our vision to replace chemical inputs by organic with insuring less cost of production at farmer level and also, we have tie-up with various agriculture research institutes and farmer groups to take trials of our inputs.

KayBeeBio Organics R&D

Value Proposition


Aza Technical Manufacturer

Quality Manufacturing Machinary


Botanical Standardization of Products


Unique Formulations which stand out in market (Viro Raze, Bacto Raze)


Nano Technology Based Formulations


Complete Regulatory Compliance to ensure Quality Assurance.


Strong Supply chain with assured delivery in 48 hours


In-House Bio Efficacy Labs

Neem License

Top manufacturer of Neem-based Products 300 PPM to 1 lakh PPM AZA

Organic Input

Our formulation raw material is also taken from organic plants of 70 Acer

Organic Solvent

Wastage powder is recycled and used in fertilizers as it has nutritional value

Cost Effective

Top Quality work in formulation which results in price reduction twice a year.

72 Hours

Visible Results in just 72 Hours!


Streamlines production and helps to ensure that the final product meets the company’s quality criteria. It ensures that the processes used to design, test, and produce products will be done correctly

ATFE Agitative evaporator

100 KG capacity

For molecules with higher sensitivity and viscosity

Pilot Reboiler Plant

500 KG capacity

Used for liquid distillation unit pilot

5 KL Reboiler

5000 KG capacity

Used for Liquid distillation

Steam Distillation Unit

500 KG capacity

Used for lower than normal boiling point

Active Enrichment Plant

100 KG capacity

Used for specific organic solvents

Benefits of Products

Effectiveness Kay Bee


Our products are multi strategic, multi-site and broad-spectrum actions which creating best option for present available chemical base & bio-pesticides. Products are developed in such a way that it shows its effectiveness within 72 hrs. Effective on all stages of the life cycle of the plant pathogenic Fungi, Bacteria and Insects.

less harmful

Less Harmful

By using our products, the output will have no harmful effects compared to chemical pesticides. Our products are less dangerous to the environment (eco-friendly). No chemical residue in produce ensures the health of humans and unaffected environment.

Target Specific

Target Specific

Our products have the ability to repel different harmful insects but not repel or kill beneficial ones (target Specific). It helps farmers get rid of hazardous insects that impact their produce and profit margins. Target-specific impact of pesticides is one of the highlight of our products.

small doses

Small Doses

Small doses of bio-pesticides are effective against pests. A few drops of our organic solutions are sufficient for the entire field. This can save farmers time and effort to buy large quantities or regular purchases. It is very effective to control insects and pests hampering your produce

Residue Free Farming

Residue Free Farming

The primary objective of residue-free farming is to produce crops that are free from harmful chemical residues, making them safer for consumption and minimizing environmental impacts. This approach often involves the adoption of alternative pest and disease management strategies that reduce or eliminate the need for synthetic chemicals.

Organics Farming kay bee

Organic Farming

Organic farming means agricultural system that uses fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure and organic pesticides. Organic farming increases productivity, improves efficacy, enhance yield and it’s cost-effective.

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