India’s Number 1 botanical-based
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India’s Number 1 botanical-based
agricultural inputs

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India’s Number 1 botanical-based
agricultural inputs

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India’s Number 1 botanical-based
agricultural inputs


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Botanical Based Bio-Pesticides Manufacturer In India

Kay Bee Bio-Organics offers a wide range of ECOCERT-approved, NOP-NPOP certified, and patented pest management solutions which include Bio-insecticides, Bio-Fungicides, Bio-Acaricides, Adjuvants, and CIBRC certified Neem Based Products. And each product category has come out with solutions that are unparalleled. Kay Bee Bio Organics aims to become a force to reckon with within organic farming.

We want to reduce the cost of production for farmers as we try to sustain biodiversity and healthy living through our products. All of it while replacing harmful synthetic chemical pesticides with organic ones, globally. Every day our research and development teams work towards crafting botanical-based pesticides from plant alkaloids so that we can meet the export standards and at the same time, keep mother earth safe from the hazardous residue effect of chemicals.

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  • Developed by a highly experienced team of experts that confirms your investment in a premium and sustainable solution.


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    farmer Testimonials

    Shri. Shankar Mahadik

    Shri. Shankar Mahadik
    Brinjal Farmer, Ahmadnagar
    Contact - 7249742424

    My brinjal plot as well as all surrounding plots were affected by root rot. No amount of chemical pesticides yielded results. It was during this time that the marketing teams of Kay Bee Bio Organics told me about their miraculous ‘Root Fit’. They told me about the multifaceted effects of the product. Listening to this I decided to go ahead and use the fungicide on my brinjal plot. I got excellent results from this product.

    Product Used – Root Fit

    Shri. Sameer Prakash Tambe

    Shri. Sameer Prakash Tambe
    Papaya Farmer, Ahemadnagar
    Contact - 9822720912

    “My papaya orchard was infested with a virus and no pesticide in the market was able to help me control it. During the same period, the representatives at Kay Bee Bio Organics gave me all information regarding their product ‘Viro. Just listening to them speaking about their product helped boost my own confidence and I bought and sprayed the product on my orchard. After spraying the product Viro Raze, I got very good results.

    Product Used – Viro Raze

    Shri. Sharat Khalate

    Shri. Sharat Khalate
    Pomegranate Farmer, Pune
    Contact - 9423575469

    I am very happy to recount my experiences with R-Mite and its result on the mite infestation in my field. Before I started using the product, my entire capsicum plot in my polyhouse was infested with red spiders and I had abandoned all hope of production but with just one spray of R-Mite, the spiders were under control within 72 hours and my plot became healthy again.

    Product Used – R-Mite

    Mr.Badrinath Shinde

    Mr.Badrinath Shinde
    Pomegranate Farmer, Pathardi
    Contact - 9420751218

    My crop suffered heavy onslaught of blight continuously for the last three years. I was hardly able to recover my investments. The same question; how do we deal with the blight on pomegranates? Then I found out about Kay Bee’s ‘Bacto Raze’. I went ahead and used it on my crop as recommended & behold! I could see visible results in just three days. The spots on the fruit not only stopped growing but also started drying up. I have to say I am very satisfied with the results.

    Product Used – Bacto Raze

    Shri. Viraj Saste

    Shri. Viraj Saste
    Banana Farmer, Baramati
    Contact - 9890502200

    Due to the accumulation of rain water in my banana orchards, my plot got affected by the fungal disease; wilt. It was so aggressive that it did not seem likely to be controlled easily. But then the technical experts at Kay Bee suggested I use Fungo Raze. In addition, they gave me such minute and detailed instructions that I did not face any hitches. I used this medicine in my banana orchard and the spray gave me great results.

    Product Used – Fungo Raze

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