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Our Uniqueness:

Plant-extract-based Bio Pesticides and Organic Soil Conditioners – 100% Natural


Are we really concerned about our health?

We are all concerned with diet, exercise, healthy living and maintaining decent lifestyle. This is reflected in our no-compromise attitude to everything in our lives, from food clothing to housing and from necessities, even down to the water we drink! But how many of us really care about the food we consume? Are we aware of the pesticides, bleaching agents, colouring agents, wax, ripening agents etc. that make our vegetables and fruits appear so irresistible? Do we really care about the toxic chemicals that may be associated witch such food? We hear that many the chemicals used in food production, leads to toxicity to Kidney, Liver, Heart and Brain, and even causes cancer. How about the carcinogens in chemical-treated food?

Pesticides, a Global Threat!

Global studies have proven that pesticide fueled crops, harms the human body in many ways. The overall health of our forefathers is a testimony to the healthy agricultural practices of their time. Our lives are full of hazardous chemicals being served to us at home, in restaurants and in supermarkets. Cancers are rampant these days, more than ever before – and these are caused mainly by the toxins we ingest. Willingly and unknowingly. This is a global threat.


Join the Healthy Revolution!

In the last two decades, there has been the emergence of a quiet revolution – one where farmers and agriculturists have been seeking truly organic methods of growing crops. In ways that on one hand sustain, enrich and rejuvenate the soil, and on the other, pass on all the nutrients and goodness of the crop, without any hazards.

Built on a Foundation of Trust.

KayBee Bio Organics has been formulating, testing and proving results with its Bio-pesticide products. Our parent company is among India’s largest exporters of fresh fruit and vegetables. This gave us the foundation to improve the quality of the produce that we sent worldwide. Relentless R&D, testing and adoption of best practices have given us superlative quality levels. We now seek to launch our proven products globally, seeking to influence Organic farming worldwide.


Great features… Massive benefits!

Live Testing

We have our own vast farms and all products have been proven to produce residue-free crops

Range of Applications

Benefits numerous varieties of crops, environment and soil

Ease of Use

No changes in traditional cultivation methods, in fact perfectly harmonious

Benefits earth & yield

High yield technology supplies required nutrients and helps consolidate the soil

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