Viro Raze – Best Bio Viricide to Control Virus in Chili, Tomato, Papaya, and Other Plants

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Viro Raze is a powerful, versatile, and modern bio viricide that is highly effective against a broad range of plant viruses, including Chilli Leaf Curl Virus, Tomato Leaf Curl Virus, Papaya Ring Spot Virus, Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus Of Okra, Little Leaf Of Brinjal, and other viruses commonly found in crops.


Best Bio Viricide to Control Virus in Chili, Tomato, Papaya, and Other Plants

Viro Raze is a broad-spectrum botanical-based bio viricide developed by combining various plant extracts. Being a broad spectrum organic viricide, it is highly effective against a wide range of plant pathogenic viruses like chilli leaf curl virus, tomato leaf curl virus, papaya ring spot virus, yellow vein mosaic virus of okra, little leaf of brinjal and other viruses that are found in common crops.

Viro Raze has the unique ability to control virus vectors like sucking pests to stop the spreading of viruses from infected plants to healthy plants. Viro Raze being a botanical-based bio viricide is residue-free and is highly suitable and recommended for crops meant for organic and export production. Application of Viro Raze is suggested for both polyhouse/shade-net and field-grown crops.


USP/Benefits of the Viro Raze (Best Bio Viricide and Leaf Curl of Chilli Control Pesticides)

  • Viro Raze is the best bio viricide that increases the resistance of plants against a wide range of viral diseases.
  • It increases the crop growth and chlorophyll content of the plant.
  • It stops the flower shedding and develops the natural size, colour, taste, and quality of the fruits.
  • Viro Raze has been developed for contact and systemic as well as fumigant actions.
  • It is observed to be equally potent in controlling viruses and vectors thus it prevents virus spread.
  • Viro Raze has a phytotonic effect on plants which enhances the quality and yield of crops.

Product/Packaging and Availability:

Pack size available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 lit. and 5 ltr.


Mode of Action:

Viro Raze has contact, systemic and fumigant action for disease control.

  • Contact:

Viro Raze inactive virus nucleic acid codes responsible for the replication of the virus in plant cells & viral proteins, which stop further viral replication in plant tissue & consequently reduce the viral disease.

  • Systemic:

Viro Raze induces systemic resistance in non-infected plant tissues thus it acts as a virus inhibitor.

  • Preventive:

Prevents transfer of virus to healthy plants by controlling vectors. Preventing the virus from entering into the new cells. On the other hand, it also acts as a growth promoter and accelerates healthy growth.

  • Curative:

Viro Raze is very effective in controlling a number of Viral diseases. Viro Raze shows a very good curative effect against Chilli leaf curl virus & tomato leaf curls virus.

Spectrum of Action & Suggested Uses:

Crops Disease Name Application Method Dose ml/ltr
Chilli Chilli leaf curl virus Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Tomato Tomato leaf curl virus Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Brinjal Little leaf brinjal Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Papaya Mosaic of papaya, leaf curl, ring spot of papaya Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Cotton Leaf curl Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Soybean Soybean mosaic virus Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Green gram Yellow mosaic Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Citrus Citrus greening Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Okra Yellow mosaic, yellow vein mosaic Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Banana Bunchy top of banana Spraying 1.5- 2.5
Cucurbit Family Mosaic virus Spraying 1.5- 2.5

*Dose depending upon crop stage and initial disease severity

Recommended Crops

Viro Raze is recommended for all types of Fruits like Citrus and banana, Vegetables like chilli, tomato, okra, cucumbers, gourds, Flowers, Oilseeds, Cereals-Pulses, Bulbs and Tubers, Spices, Herbal plants, Cash crops like Cotton and other Agriculture & Horticultural crops.

Spraying Time:

Application of Viro Raze is recommended in the morning and evening hours when temperatures are relatively cool. Sprayings should be avoided at noon when the temperature is high.


It is non-compatible with sulphur, copper-based fungicides, and Bordeaux mixture


Q.1 How to control the chilli leaf virus?

Ans. For complete control of the leaf curl virus in chillies, spray our Viro Raze. It is the leaf curl of chilli control pesticides that provides the complete treatment of viruses in chilli.

Q.2 Which sprays control viruses/diseases in plants?

Ans. Kay Bee Bio’s Viro Raze, an organic pesticide (bio viricide) is a high-grade antiviral pesticide. Viro Raze rapidly controls viruses in chilli, tomato, papaya, banana, etc.

Q.3 How to control leaf curl virus?

Ans. To control serious problems like the leaf curl virus in chilli, spray Viro Raze, leaf curl of chilli control pesticides. It controls the virus as well as its vector. Viro Raze is highly effective in leaf curl disease of chilli treatment.

Q.4 Which is the spray to control the bunchy top virus in a banana?

Ans. To control bunchy top virus in banana crops spray Kay Bee Bio’s Viro Raze bio-viricide product. Viro Raze shows a rapid effect on the virus and its vectors and eliminates them.

Q.5 Which is the best viricide to control viruses in plants?

Ans. ViroRaze is the best viricide for controlling viruses in plants. Viro Raze is a botanical product that destroys the virus as well as the sucking insects that spread the virus.

Q.6 Which pesticide should be given to control the Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus?

Ans. Use Viro Raze products to control the mosaic virus. Viro Raze antiviral spray shows a very lethal effect on viruses.

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    Super hit

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    Sabjiya fashl ke leeae best he

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    Nice product, in reducing spreading of viruses.

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    Mirchi ke fasal ke liye ye product kaisa hai
    Mirchi ke patte curved ho gye hai
    Chilli Leaf Curl Virus affected
    Plz suggest me..

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    very usefull for papaya

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    Viro Raze is only one and best product for virus..👍

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    only one and best product for virus

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    Best ever viral control agent

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    Used for banana crop nice product

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    only one product for virus control

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    only one product for virus control

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