We are thrilled to announce that Kay Bee Bio-Organics has received the prestigious CIB registration for azadirachtin technical grade, marking a significant step forward in our mission to provide sustainable and effective pest control solutions. This registration guarantees that the technical azadirachtin complies with strict regulatory requirements, adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), international quality standards and that products are safe and effective.

Azadirachtin, extracted from the neem seed kernels, is a natural crop protection agent that is effective against insect pests, fungal diseases and also mites making it a versatile compound. Azadirachtin mimics the hormonal system of insects, disrupting their growth and reproduction. It also has antifeedant and repellant properties which prevent insects from feeding on the crops. These multiple modes of action make it impossible for the pests to gain resistance against it.

Azadirachtin Raw Powder

Azadirachtin’s use extend beyond agriculture, spanning from veterinary medicine to environmental remediation. It has broad-spectrum effectiveness against pests, insects, and diseases, making it a versatile and sustainable treatment.

Having been granted the technical grade license for azadirachtin 25%, we are now one of the few companies in India that is permitted to manufacture this critical component. This registration gives us the authority to produce 25% technical grade azadirachtin and export it to other countries, which is an essential competence for international trade. This milestone allows us to supply agrochemical industries, especially those without the license, enabling them to create a variety of neem-based products. Our customers can now source high-quality azadirachtin 25% technical grade from us, ensuring they have access to the best raw materials for their manufacturing needs.

Challenges in Manufacturing Azadirachtin Technical Grade.

1. Sophisticated and Complex Process

The manufacturing process for azadirachtin 25% technical grade is highly sophisticated and intricate. The azadirachtin molecule is a highly sensitive molecule that degrades quickly as it is sensitive to heat, temperature fluctuations, and light exposure. At Kay Bee bio-organics, azadirachtin extraction method preserves azadirachtin’s integrity while minimizing degradation and maintaining bioactivity.

2. Lack of Specialized Facilities

The majority of the companies lack the advanced infrastructure needed to manage the azadirachtin molecule’s sensitivity. Producing azadirachtin, requires a team of experts who have the expertise in handling this molecule, which many organizations lack.

3. Purity and Potency

Azadirachtin’s purity is determined by the its superior quality standards. Kay Bee Bio-Organics produces azadirachtin technical concentrate that contains more than 25% azadirachtin (A+B). This product is quite stable. It contains high azadirachtin concentration, few contaminants, good bio effectiveness against target pests with low aflatoxin levels according to international standards.

4. Raw Material Sourcing

The process of producing high-quality Azadirachtin begins with the careful selection of neem seeds or kernels. Kay Bee Bio-Organics ensures that the raw materials are pure and potent, devoid of pollutants and chemical residues. Kay bee Bio-organics has entered into a contract with neem growers to supply raw materials regularly to maintain sustainability and continuity.

Kay Bee Bio-Organics has successfully identified these areas to ensure the high quality and purity of the raw neem used in production. It also has excellent state-of-the-art facility for azadirachtin production and also the necessary expertise which are responsible for maintaining the quality and purity of azadirachtin in the entire manufacturing process.

Kay Bee Bio-Organics is proud to lead in eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our azadirachtin technical grade licence approval shows our commitment to sustainable agriculture. But it is not just this; as pioneers of Marker Compound Technology in Indian Agriculture, our patented technology sets us apart. This makes our products more effective, yielding superior results compared to synthetic pesticides. We are also on the brink of achieving CIB registration for our marker compounds, marking another milestone.

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to innovation and excellence to improve the lives of farmers and partners. Our vision is to revolutionize agriculture in India by promoting sustainable practices. We aim to inspire the world to adopt sustainable agriculture methods and this azadirachtin technical license allows us to support other industries, extending our impact.

We invite farmers, distributors, and partners to join us and explore the benefits of our products.