NOVA Drip – Root Growth Fertilizer and Promoter for Plants

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Nova Drip is a special root growth fertilizer and promoter for plants. It’s packed with natural nutrients to help your plant strengthen the roots and enhance white root development. You’ll see results in just 72 hours after you use it in the soil.


Root Growth Fertilizer and Promoter for Plants & Best Nutrient

Nova Drip is a root growth promoter/fertilizer product specially designed and formulated by using natural seaweed extract, and protein hydrolysate with unique botanical-based marker compound brassinosteroids extracted from Brassica juncea plant. This root growth promoter fertilizer fortified with natural vital nutrients preservatives and stabilizers shows differentiable results within 72 hours after soil application.

Nova Drip is a root development fertilizer that has the ability to strengthen the roots and enhance white root development. This plant growth promoter product acts as a soil catalyzer and is involved in the improvement of soil physio-chemical and biological properties. They also supply the best nutrients for root growth and development.

It is beneficial for the production of high marketable yield in terms of quantity as well as quality.


USP/Benefits of the NOVA Drip (Root Growth Promoter and Fertilizer for Plants):

  • Nova Drip a root growth promoter product increases the healthy white roots of plants.
  • Its soil drenching is useful to absorb essential nutrients and moisture from the soil and make the plants strong.
  • It supplies the best nutrients for root growth which ultimately gives strength to the roots and reduces crop lodging.
  • The growth promoter fertilizer activity of Nova Drip increases the beneficial soil microbial populations.
  • It is a root promoter that improves soil porosity as well as soil aeration.
  • This root development fertilizer improves the size and quality of produce.

Product/Packaging and Availability:

Pack Size available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr., 5 ltr. and 20 ltr.


Mode of Action

Nova Drip works as a root promoter for plants, they are directly involved in inducing changes in the physiological/biochemical process in plants associated with nutrient uptake, growth, and maximum white root development. Nova Drip is fortified with Brassinosteroids which are intricate in the gravitational response of roots and have a role in controlling plant responses to stress.

Recommended Crops:

Cereal Crops:

Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, Bajra, Maize, etc.

Pulses and Oilseed Crops:

Chickpea, Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Cowpea, Soybean, Sunflower, Linseed, Safflower, Mustard, Groundnut, Sesamum, etc.

Cash Crops:

Sugarcane, Cotton, Jute, etc.

Vegetable Crops:

Tomato, Chilli, Brinjal, Cucurbits, Okra, Pea, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Drumstick etc.

Fruit and Plantation Crops:

Mango, Banana, Grapes, Pomegranate, Custard apple, Apple, Citrus, Guava, Ber, Cashew, Papaya, Sapota, Coconut, Melons, Tea, Coffee and Cocoa etc.


Rose, Marigold, Gerbera etc.

Tuber and Bulb Crops:

Onion, Potato, Sweet potato, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, etc.

Leafy Vegetable Crops:

Spinach, Coriander, Fenugreek, etc.


Spices, Condiments, Ornamental plants, Gardens, Lawns, Greenhouse, Fodder Crops etc.

Application Doses:

Drip/Drenching: 750 ml to 1 litre per Acre. Application dose of Nova Drip may vary as per critical stage and age of the crop.

Application Method and Time:

Nova Drip is a plant and root growth promoter product applied in the soil through drip and soil drenching methods. The recommended application time of Nova Drip is during morning and evening hours when temperatures are relatively cool and is followed by light irrigation. Avoid application during noon time when the temperature is high.


It is non-compatible with sulphur, copper base fungicides, and Bordeaux mixture.


Q.1 Which fertilizer is best for the growth of roots in plants?

Ans. To increase the root growth in plants and the strength of crops, Use Kay Bee Bio’s Nova Drip, a root growth fertilizer & promoter product. Nova Drip contains all the best nutrients for root growth required by the plant.

Q.2 Which drench product increases the growth and strength of crops?

Ans. For growth and plant strength of all types of vegetables, fruit crops, or other crops. Use Kay Bee Bio’s Nova Drip, a root development fertilizer product. Nova Drip is used through drip for the best white root development in plants.

Q.3 Which plant growth regulator is good for supplying nutrients to crops?

Ans. Use Nova Drip, a root promoter for plants to supply nutrients and strengthen the roots of the crop. Nova Drip is a premium plant growth regulator you can use for the best root growth in plants.

Q.4 Which fertilizer should be given in drip for quality crop production?

Ans. Use Nova Drip, a root growth fertilizer product in drip medium to get good quality production from crops. Nova Drip is beneficial in the overall development of the plant along with fruits and flowers.

3 reviews for NOVA Drip – Root Growth Fertilizer and Promoter for Plants

  1. Rutuja Bodare

    Nova drip is the best product to grow white roots which also helps to promotes new vegetative growth in plants .
    With help of Nova drip , I got high production yield .
    Thank You kay bee bio organic !

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  2. Pankaj Bhise

    पांढरी मुळी साथी केळीत वापरल , उत्तम आहे रिजल्ट

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  3. Chaitali Sawant

    Best product 👍

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