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Root fit is a botanical-based fungicide especially designed for the control of soil born plant pathogenic fungi viz., Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Verticillium, Macrophomina etc. It is mainly responsible for wilting of plants in various crops. Root fit has been synthesized from phytoconstituents amenable to contain soil-born fungal pathogens causing huge irreparable losses to agricultural productivity. It is broadly recommended for effective management of soil born plant pathogens in high-value crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, and tuber crops in addition to spices and medicinal plants. It is approved for use in organic agriculture according to NOP regulations, G2 certified and patent registered product.

Application of Root fit is recommended in morning and evening hours when temperatures are relatively cool and is followed by light irrigation. Drenching should be avoided at noon when high temperatures are prevailing. In order to check the disease, spread to avoid any damage to the crop it is recommended to apply Root fit at an interval of 7-8 days or it may be subjected to need based use depending upon the prevailing disease. Root fit is non-compatible with Sulphur, copper base fungicides and Bordeaux mixture. Root fit formation includes plant extract, thereby is absolutely residue-free and is significantly suitable and recommended for organic and sustainable farming, export production as well as conventional farming.

Unique Features

  • Root fit destroys the pathogen inoculum in the soil as it persists for a longer period of time and keeps the root healthy and free from pathogen attack.
  • Root fit also carries out fumigation of the soil, thereby, rendering the spores unviable before germination.
  • It is greatly effective against all soil-borne pathogens.
  • Being multi-ingredient product there is no risk of resistance development.
  • It is formulated with medicinal plant extract which is entirely 100% pure.
  • This product showed phytotonic effects on plants in terms of increase root size, leaf size, and also increase chlorophyll content, quality, and quantity of yield.

Recommended Spraying Dosages :

Preventive – 1 to 1.5 ml per liter of water.

Curative – 2 to 2.5 ml per liter of water.

More Details


Root fit has contact, systemic and fumigant modes of actions for control of pathogenic fungi arising from the soil. Due to its unique ability to spread and penetrate fast, it curbs spore germination and mycelial growth by degrading the cell wall of the pathogen. Root fit destroys the pathogen inoculum in the soil as it persists for longer period of time and keeps root healthy and free from fungal attack. Root fit is also absorbed by the roots through xylem tissues and kills the pathogen spores if already infected the roots, thus prevents the wilting of plants and hence any decline in productivity of the crop. Root fit also carry out fumigation of the soil, thereby, rendering the spores unviable before germination.

This suggests both preventive and curative properties of Root fit to control the wilting and damping off the plant. Root fit restricts spore germination when applied and incorporated in the soil, thus inhibits further multiplication of the pathogen and prevents further infection in plant.


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    Very healthy for plants and is noticable totally worth buying.

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