Root Fit – Best Nematicide and Fungicide for Root Rot, Nematode Control, Soil Borne Diseases Treatment

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It is a Best Fungicide For Root Rot & Nematicide well known for Soil Borne Diseases as well as Nematode Control in various crops. It is recommended for the effective management of damping-off treatment, Collar Rot, Stem Rot, Fusarium Wilt Diseases, and Root Knot Nematode.


Best Fungicide for Root Rot & Nematicide for Nematode Control, Soil-Borne Fungus

Root Fit is a nematode biopesticide and fungicide for root rot manufactured by using marker compounds from botanicals and nanoformulation technology. It is a broad spectrum of bio-fungicides and nematicides with proven efficacy against all soil-borne diseases in plant pathogenic fungi and plant parasitic nematodes in different crops.

Root fit is a botanical-based bio fungicide especially designed for the control of soil borne diseases in plant pathogenic fungi viz., Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Verticillium, Sclerotium, Ceratocystis etc. It is mainly responsible for root diseases of plants.

Root Fit is a leading fungicide for root rot and well known for soil borne diseases as well as best nematode control in various crops. It is broadly recommended for the effective management of root rot, damping off treatment, collar rot, stem rot, fusarium wilt diseases, and root knot nematodes.  It fights against fungal diseases as well as nematode infestation. To check the disease, and spread to avoid any damage to the crop it is recommended to apply Root Fit at an interval of 7-8 days or it may be subjected to need-based use depending upon the incidence of the disease.


USP/Benefits of the Root Fit (Best Nematicide & Fungicide for Root Rot):

  • Root Fit is a broad spectrum bio fungicide and nematode pesticide that has a unique combination of Preventive, Curative, and Systemic fungicidal and nematicidal properties.
  • It is the best fungicide for Root Rot, Soil Borne Diseases, Damping off treatment, Collar Rot, Stem Rot, Fusarium Wilt Diseases, and Root Knot nematodes
  • Root fit destroys the pathogen inoculum in the soil as it persists for a longer period of time and keeps the root healthy and free from pathogen attack.
  • Root fit also carries out fumigation of the soil, thereby, rendering the spores unviable before germination.
  • It is greatly effective against all soil-born diseases, including root-knot nematodes.
  • Being a multi-ingredient nematicide product there is no risk of resistance development.
  • It is formulated with medicinal plant extract which is entirely 100% pure.
  • This nematicide product showed phytotonic effects on plants in terms of increased root size, and leaf size, and also increased chlorophyll content, quality, and quantity of yield.

Product/Packaging and Availability:

Pack size available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1lit and 5ltr


Mode of Action:

Root Fit has contact, systemic, and fumigant action for disease and nematode control.

In Soil-borne fungus Diseases

  • Contact: It curbs spore germination and mycelial growth by degrading the cell wall of the pathogen.
  • Systemic: Absorbed by the roots through xylem tissues and kills the pathogen spores if already infected the roots.
  • Fumigant: Inactivates hibernating stages of fungus in soil, and minimizes fungal inoculums.
  • Preventive: It prevents mycelia establishment and growth in plants.
  • Curative: Root Fit is very effective in controlling the number of Fungal diseases. Root Fit shows a very good curative effect against Damping off treatment in Onion, Papaya etc. & Wilts of solanaceous crops.

In Plant Parasitic Nematode

  • Contact: It stops feeding and is paralyzed within 24 to 48 hours
  • Systemic: It acts as a repellent, it resists stylet insertion by anti-enzymatic activities thus protecting gall formation on roots
  • Fumigant: Enters through the semipermeable body walls of nematodes and acts on pseudocoelomic fluid leading to cryptobiosis (hibernation) breaking hence nematodes inoculums reduce.

Root Fit – Best Nematicide & Fungicide for Root Rot: Spectrum of Action & Suggested Uses:

Crops Disease Name Application Method Dose ml/ltr or ml/acre
Chilli Damping off, Wilt, Root rot Root Knot nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Tomato Damping off, Wilt, Root Knot nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Brinjal Wilt Drenching/Drip 2-3
Papaya Damping off, Foot Rot Drenching/Drip 2-3
Pomegranate Wilt, Root Knot nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Cotton Wilt, Root Knot nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Soyabean Root Rot, Cyst Nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Paddy Sheath blight, Sheath Rot Drenching/Drip 2-3
Citrus Phytophthora rot, Drenching/Drip 2-3
Bengal gram Wilt, Collar rot, Drenching/Drip 2-3
Banana Wilt, Burrowing Nematodes Drenching/Drip 2-3
Onion Basal Rot Drenching/Drip 2-3
Ginger Soft Rot, Drenching/Drip 2-3

*Dose depending upon crop stage and initial nematode population.

Recommended Crops

Root Fit is recommended for all types of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Oilseeds, Cereals-Pulses, Bulbs and Tubers, Spices, Herbal plants, Cash crops and other Agriculture and Horticultural crops.

Application Time:

Soil application of Root fit is recommended in morning and evening hours when temperatures are relatively cool and is followed by light irrigation. Drenching should be avoided at noon when high temperatures are prevailing


Root Fit is non-compatible with sulphur, copper base fungicides, and Bordeaux mixture.


Q.1. Which nematicides are best for nematode problems?

Ans. For issues related to nematodes or root-knot nematodes in crops such as tomatoes, pomegranates, eggplants, papaya, and more, use our bio-nematicide products Root Fit. Root Fit is highly effective in nematode control.

Q.2. How to prevent root-related diseases in crops?

Ans. Root-related means soil borne diseases like root rot or damping-off affect various crops such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, okra, and more. To control damping-off and root rot in crops, use our organic fungicide solution Root Fit. It swiftly eliminates all soil-borne diseases.

Q.3. How does the Root Fit product work?

Ans. Root Fit is a plant-based fungicide and nematicide that combats all types of soil-borne diseases, including root rot, damping-off, collar rot, and wilt. It works through contact, systemic, and fumigant action. Root Fit enters the plant’s roots, destroying the pathogens, halting disease progression, and ultimately eliminating the disease.

Q.4. How to control wilt and root rot diseases?

Ans. Wilt and root rot diseases cause severe damage to crops like peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and other vegetables and fruits. For the control of these diseases, use Root Fit. It is the most effective fungicide for all soil-borne diseases.

Q.5. Which medicine should be used for damping-off in nurseries?

Ans. If you are facing damping-off issues and looking for its treatment, especially with peppers, tomatoes, or any other crops, use Root Fit. Applying Root Fit through drenching or drip irrigation yields excellent results.

9 reviews for Root Fit – Best Nematicide and Fungicide for Root Rot, Nematode Control, Soil Borne Diseases Treatment

  1. Shankar Kale Patil

    Very healthy for plants and is noticable totally worth buying.

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  2. vishal kendre

    it is outstanding product for wilt, root rot and damping off diseases

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  3. Varsha Bhosale

    used for 10 acres in tumaric best result ever i see

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  4. Rahul kale

    दरवर्षी अद्रक पिकात वापरत आहे , उत्तम प्रॉडक्ट.

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  5. काशिनाथ पाटील

    One of the best fungiside for soil funges.

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  6. Prakash Pisal

    used for turmaric best results

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  7. Amruta Bankar

    Saved my 10 acres of turmeric crop

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  8. Mergal komal

    Very good quality products
    Excellent products with right advice
    Fully satisfied quality and service.

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  9. Kiran anandrao Agawane

    Used for gram

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