ORGANEEM 1500 PPM – Best Neem Oil Pesticide for Plants

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Organeem,1500 ppm is the best neem oil pesticide for plants and has a very strong toxic effect on different sucking pests and larval pests.


Best Neem Oil Pesticide for Plants – Organeem 1500 PPM

Organeem 1500 ppm is the best broad-spectrum natural neem oil pesticide for plants, which is highly effective against larval and sucking pests like, aphids, whiteflies, hoppers, and thrips. The Organeem1500 ppm is recommended for all kinds of crops and plants.

This neem pesticide for plants having Azadirachtin 0.15% as an active ingredient, contains several bioactive compounds like nimbin, nimbidin, nimbolide, limonoids, and other bitter compounds which has potential pesticidal properties.

It is the CIB & RC (Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee) registered product of Kay Bee Bio-Organics, a leading manufacturer of technical Azadirachtin. The bio-pesticide formulation of Organeem1500 ppm is absolutely residue-free and highly recommended for organic farming & export production.


USP/Benefits of the Best Neem Oil Pesticide (Organeem 1500 PPM):

  1. Organeem 1500 ppm is a neem oil pesticide that can be used for all types of sucking and larval pests of various plants and crops.
  2. It is the best neem oil pesticide and is synthesized by specialized intact ingredients.
  3. Organeem 1500 ppm is a neem oil pesticide for plants having unique emulsion properties that make it differ from ordinary neem oil.
  4. It works on all stages of the life cycle of sucking and larval pests.
  5. It has unique quantum satis (QS) to boost the effectiveness of active ingredients.
  6. It is an Ecocert-certified product.

Product/Packaging Availability:

Pack size available in 1 lit


Mode of Action:

Contact, Systemic, Fumigant

This product operates through contact, systemic, and fumigant modes of action, exerting various effects such as suppressing fecundity, causing sterilization, deterring oviposition, acting as an antifeedant and repellent, and inducing a knockout effect on neonates and early instars. It also triggers muscle contraction and neurotoxicity, functions as stomach poisoning, induces anti-molting hormonal changes, and exhibits IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) activity for late instars. Its multilevel targeting approach overwhelms the insect’s detoxification system, preventing resistance development. It serves both preventive and curative purposes, effectively controlling sucking and larval pests across different species.


Prevents sucking and larval pests attack


Shows effective control in sucking and larval pests of various spp.

Best Neem Oil Pesticide for Plants: Spectrum of Action & Suggested Uses:

Crop Pest Method Dosage-ml/ltr
Cotton White fly, Bollworms Spraying 4-5
Rice (Paddy) Thrips, Stem borer, Brown plant hopper, Leaf folder Spraying 4-5

*Dose depending upon crop stage and initial pest population.

Recommended crops:

Organeem 1500 PPM is recommended for all types of fruits, vegetables, flowers, oilseeds, cereals-pulses, bulbs and tubers, spices, herbal plants, cash crops like cotton, sugarcane and other agriculture & horticultural crops.

Spraying timing:

The best time for spraying Organeem 1500 ppm is morning and evening. Avoid spraying during noon time when the temperature is high.


It is non-compatible with sulphur, copper base fungicides, and Bordeaux mixture.


Q.1 In which crops Organeem 1500 ppm neem oil pesticide can be used?

Ans. Organeem 1500 ppm Neem Oil pesticide for plants in 1500 ppm is a high-quality product and highly effective in the treatment of sucking pests and larvae in plants or crops. Organeem 1500 ppm can be used in all types of crops infested with sucking & larvae pests.

Q.2 For which pest controls Organeem 1500 ppm is good?

Ans. Organeem 1500 ppm can be used to control thrips, aphids, jassids, and white flies in chilli, tomato, and all other vegetable and fruit crops.

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    neem oil very nice used in mango

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    एकदम भारी प्रॉडक्ट

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    low ppm but nice output

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