Modern agriculture relies heavily on a variety of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The food that we consume today is a by-product of such agricultural produce. These food products can have adverse effects on our health and nutrition leading to health disorders and deficiencies bringing on long-term health hazards. In such a scenario, the best way to mitigate these health hazards and to make sure that we are eating safe food is to use bio-pesticides Food items that are produced from crops that are heavily or even lightly sprayed by harmful chemical pesticides are essentially lacking in some important and critical micro-nutrients. Prolonged consumption of this type of food can create several adverse effects on human health.

The Challenge

The food that is being produced through industrialized and large-scale agriculture involves rampant use of chemical pesticides. As modern-world human beings have started depending on modern technology for enhancing agricultural productivity, this menace of chemical pesticides has increased to a large extent.

Although industrialized agriculture makes it easier to produce larger quantities of food that too in lesser time, the down side of this quick and large scale gain is the hazardous effects on human health and also on the environment. This abuse over longer periods of time also means a severe damage to the ecological and environmental balance in nature.
India in particular has been struggling with the same issue and our population is also exposed to the side effects of chemical pesticides. In some parts of the country, it has also been observed that even after excessive use of pesticides there is still no visible increase in the yield. This is leading to other problems and situations creating more menace. With no visible quality-yield over long periods of time and with more and more decrease in the yield, soon this situation will create barren lands out of the vast productive lands.

The Solution

There are two aspects we need to consider if want to look at a sustainable solution to this humongous challenge that we have in front of us today. On one hand, we can adopt organic farming for more sustainable agricultural practices. This solution although is beneficial to the soil, it can work only with sustained usage. Since time is a major constraint and as we are racing against limited time and a lot of damage has already been done, we need to adopt solutions that are quicker in resolving our problems and are more effective—the use of botanical based bio-pesticides.

Experts claim that for sustainable agricultural development and in order to protect our environment from adverse effect of chemical pesticides, the formulation and utilization of bio-pesticides is the need of the time and it should be encouraged.

The major difference between chemical and organic bio-pesticides is that the chemical pesticides use synthetic chemicals for the control of pests, whereas, bio-pesticides are made from living organisms and plants. One of the many advantages of using bio-pesticides is that it uses all-natural elements such as plants and minerals and therefore poses minimal risk of soil degradation and causes no harm to humans.

Essentially, these bio-pesticides are also more cost-effective and cheaper than chemical pesticides and they are also more effective for long term and continual use. This is very beneficial to the farmer and his business. These bio-pesticides also have long term and sustainable advantages that are beneficial to the ecosystem as well. Hence, think smart and think sustainable! Adopt the safe to use and sustainable pest control measures that can only be achieved through the use of bio-pesticides!!!

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