Recently in Bangalore, Karnataka, Kay-Bee Bio Organics Pvt. Ltd. held a meeting in the presence of company director Mr. Sachin Yadav. After receiving popularity in the botanical-based pesticides section of the Agri industry in the Maharashtra state, Kay-Bee Bio Organics has made a progressive step in Madhya Pradesh, as the company has gained the faith among farmers and created space in their minds. Because of the best quality products, the Madhya Pradesh model is tremendously successful. This success leads Kay-Bee Bio Organics to a progressive step in India’s south areas like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. After becoming the first company to produce plant-based biopesticides in India, progressive farmers, as well as exporter farmers, have benefited immensely from these products which have benefited the farmers exceptionally. All products, which are G2 certified, beneficial for crop growth in 48 hours along with pest and disease control, will now be readily available in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. There is an enormous region under chili cultivation in South India, which is

Known for its chili warehouse, where the Viro Raze product will be exceptionally valuable for controlling the infection of the chili. As the developing interest for the company’s products from farmers in the southern states. The director of the organization, Mr. Sachin Yadav began the facility of making the company’s products available to the farmers. Initially, 40 local delegates will provide demonstrations with information on various products of the company to farmers, agronomists, and heads of agricultural service centers. It is trusted that the PRODUCTS will be to the prefer of the multitude of farmers as they are ECOCERT certified, CIB enrolled products, and ISO certified, the most important are results of the organization give the best outcomes.