All the dealers from Odisha came to visit Kay Bee Bio Organics. Kay Bee Bio is India’s first manufacturer of botanical-based pesticides, operating successfully in 13 states. It works with farmers, providing them with chemical-free and export-quality products, and encouraging organic production. To extend Kay Bee Bio’s products to farmers through dealers and to establish trust in product manufacturing and effectiveness, a “Dealer Meet” event is organized under the guidance of Mr Sachin Yadav (Managing Director | Kay Bee Bio-Organics Pvt Ltd).

Odissa dealer meet with Sachin sir

During the “Odisha Dealer Meet” held on August 4th, the Odisha dealers were introduced to various laboratories including an entomology lab, pathology department, analytical lab, bacterial lab, 5KL and 3KL plant extraction units, and a 100X Ayurveda production unit as well as the Babycorn production unit.

Odissa dealers meet live demos

During the meet, Kay Bee Bio demonstrated the efficiency of all its products through live demos showcasing the effectiveness of all insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, and granules products with expert advice. Additionally, farmers were given a rough idea of how these products would help resolve their issues on a large scale.

odissa dealers meet lab visit